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Hello, and welcome to my writing site. I became a pocket novelist for My Weekly in 2016. Now the second book in the Redington series has just been accepted and will be in the shops at the end of March/beginning of April.

A Factory Affair is now available in kindle, that’s the cover with my heroine, Denise with her green hat on. Hope you like it if you read it. That story began as Hats off to Love, but now Hats has been re-written to be set in the present day and it’s a completely different story. Other than the main characters are the same. Any day now it will be in paperback form and there will be a giveaway on here. Keep watching out for that.


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hats-pocket-novelpocket-novel-cover-c-m My lovely pocket novels.

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Redington – the book is available in Holt Bookshop, Norfolk, and Southcart Bookshop, Walsall. Our local library has it on the shelves in there as well. If you wanted the kindle version and not a crispy proper book with real pages to turn, one you can curl up on the settee with, then you can find it on Amazon, here… If you’ve read and enjoyed the book, please feel free to leave a review there, if it’s a nice one.

If you happen to stay at Cley Windmill in Norfolk, you’ll also be able to select the book from the bookshelf in the lounge and curl up to have a read.

Next on the horizon is the paperback version of A Factory Affair, and Hats off to love will be on kindle. There’s no point putting Country Matters on Kindle as it’s mostly the same as Redington, and lots of lovely people are buying that already. Thank you to all who have.